Picture this: It's a busy day and you have multiple orders that have yet to be picked up by your customer. Not only that, you're getting overwhelmed by your orders as you can no longer keep track of them. Worry not! Ready4Pickup  is the perfect solution for you.

Ready4Pickup is a feature-rich platform that enables businesses to engage with their customers in a personalized and convenient way. With integrated location and messaging capabilities, the app allows users to discover nearby businesses, receive targeted promotions, and easily communicate with them.


Using the app’s location functionality, users can explore a map-based interface to discover nearby businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, or service providers. They can view details about each business, including their offerings, operating hours, customer reviews, and even make purchases directly within the app.


The messaging feature enables seamless communication between customers and businesses. Users can send inquiries, make special requests, or seek support, fostering direct and personalized interactions. Businesses can respond promptly, providing real-time assistance, addressing concerns, and building strong customer relationships.


Additionally, the app can leverage push notifications to deliver relevant updates, promotions, and personalized offers based on user preferences and location. This ensures that customers stay informed about new products, exclusive deals, or nearby events from their favorite businesses.


Overall, the B2C mobile application with location and messaging capabilities aims to enhance customer experiences, foster strong connections between businesses and their clientele, and provide a convenient platform for discovering, engaging, and transacting with local establishments.


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App Credits:


Product Owner: Krystal Welch

Project Manager: Krystal Welch

Business Analyst: Krystal Welch

Developer: Krystal Welch

UI/UX Designer: Teara Green/Krystal Welch