Krystal Mauri

Freelance Developer

A Bit About Me

I am a freelance full stack developer based in Saint Louis, MO. In addition to this, I am a mother, fashion designer, comedian, world traveler and a humanitarian. I received my B.S. in Computer Science from Southern Illinois University of Carbondale in December 2019. Outside of my education, I have 4+ years of professional development experience as well as 9+ years of experience developing for my personal growth. I am also the founder of Kode Queens, which is a non-profit organization that encourages young ladies from my hometown (East Saint Louis) to join the tech field by offering free coding classes and mentorship. 

Selected Works

Shopify based e-commerce web application for women's clothing.

iOS Yelp-like mobile application highlighting and connecting consumers to black businesses.

(No longer available on the app store) 

See the video walkthrough here.

Travel Buds

iOS mobile application that serves as a travel concierge. Sign up for testing here.

iOS B2C mobile application that alerts customers when their item is ready for pickup and business turnaround time. Try it out.

Most Proficient Languages




JavaScript (React, Angular, Vue.js)



Mobile application development, web development, IoT, pretty much everything tech.


If you would like to discuss mobile app, web or API development, feel free to contact me by filling this form.

"...Don't You Fall Now, 
For I'se Still Goin' Honey, 
I'se Still Climbin' 
And Life For Me Ain't Been No Crystal Stair.

-Langston Hughes From 'Mother To Son